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Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

Terminal Marítimo de Passageiros do Porto Exterior, 外港客運碼頭

Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal is the main ferry terminal providing services to Hong Kong (the other being on Taipa). It has 12 berths for hydrofoils and 2 for ferries (and a heliport, if you’ve had a lucky visit to the Casinos).

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Where is Macau?

Macau (sometimes spelled ‘Macao’) is in China, very close to Hong Kong (just an hours ferry ride across the Pearl River Delta).

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Macau Ferry

Getting to Macau from Hong Kong

Travelling to Macau from Hong Kong is quick and very well serviced by fast, efficient Macau Ferry services from 3 terminals in Hong Kong to 2 in Macau. Tickets can easily be purchased from the booths in the terminals themselves. Journey time is round about an hour, so it’s easy to travel to Macau just for the day if time was tight (though I would urge you to stay for longer and explore more if at all possible!)

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