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Macau Tea Culture House

The Macau Tea Culture House (Casa Cultural de Cha de Macau, 澳門茶文化館) is a museum and cultural centre dedicated to the role tea has played in the cultural development of Macau.

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University of Macau

The University of Macau (Universidade de Macau,澳門大學) is the only public comprehensive university in Macau. There are 7 academic facilities and 10 residential colleges. The main medium of instruction is English, with some classes taught in Chinese, Portuguese and Japanese.

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Dom Pedro V Theatre

Dom Pedro V Theatre (Teatro Dom Pedro V, 伯多祿五世劇院was one of the first western style theatres in eastern Asia. It is situated in St Augustine’s Square (a short walk from Senado Square), where it is in good company standing alongside St Augustine’s Church, St Joseph’s Seminary and Church and the Sir Robert Hung Library.

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Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library (Biblioteca Sir Robert Ho Tung, 何東圖書館is a public library located on the historic St Augustine’s Square.

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Mandarin’s House

The Mandarin’s House (鄭家大屋) was the residence of the Qing theoretician and reformist, Zheng Guanying (1842-1921). Built largely in the Cantonese style, it is noted for its fusion of western architectural elements.

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Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial House

The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial House (澳門國父紀念館) is a distinctive looking building and museum where former family members of Sun Yat-Sen (‘the father of modern China’) used to live. Originally known as ‘Mansion of the Sun’, the house was built in 1912 for his first wife, Lu Muzhen.

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Tap Seac Square

Tap Seac Square is a major public square in São Lázaro, Macau, China. The largest public space in Macau, it stands on the site of a former stadium and was completed in 2007.

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Jao Tsung-I Academy

Academia Jao Tsung-I

The Jao Tsung-I Academy is a small academy is dedicated to Professor Jao Tsung-I – a Chinese born Hong Kong scholar, poet, calligrapher and painter who is also referred to a “master of Sinology” and “treasure of the nation”.

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Tap Seac Gallery

Tap Seac Gallery is an art gallery hosted in a lovely European style building which lies on Tap Seac Square.
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Albergue SCM

Albergue da Santa Casa da Misericordia

Albergue SCM is a small area, tucked away a side street from Tap Seac square, devoted to Macau’s art and cultural industries.

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